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Eliminate Smoke Odor, Eliminate Cat Odor, Cat Litter, Odor Removal

Blog | September 2015
Eliminate Smoke Odor, Eliminate Cat Odor, Cat Litter, Odor Removal

Permanently eliminate smoke odor, and eliminate cat odor from cat litter, and breathe healthy clean air again using our Ionic Paint additive, which assists with odor removal.

Keep the Cats, Clean the Air For Better Health

Having pets brings great joy, but can bring problems as well. Check YouTube and you’ll see hilarious clips of cats scampering around, getting into and out of odd places, snuggling with babies and doing all manner of cute things.

What’s less amusing - and not at all cute - is that urine odor from a litter box is more unhealthy than most people realize. Feline urine contains a high concentration of ammonia, which can cause our eyes to water and irritate our skin, throat, and lungs.

If odors have been a problem for a long time they won’t just go away with more frequent box cleaning. Paint, drywall, upholstery and carpeting materials all absorb odors over time. When temperature and humidity change a phenomenon called “offgassing” or “outgassing” occurs. Very simply, odors absorbed by these porous items including from cat urine, tobacco smoke, and even pungent cooking ingredients, are released back into the environment.

Air fresheners don’t address health issues. To get to the real cause of odors we recommend Ionic Paint Additive, a powder of organic materials proven to cleanse the air of particles carrying odors and other pollutants.

The principle is air ionization, activated by normal air currents. As air moves across the painted walls negatively charged atoms (anions) are released. Anions are electrostatically attracted to positively charged air molecules containing odors and toxins. These differently charged particles combine (the oxidation process). The heavier molecules fall out and are removed in normal house cleaning. The effect continues as long as the paint surface is intact, usually 10-12 years.

Cat owners will he happy to know that while they chuckle at cats and kittens on screen or in the home, their walls will act as air purifiers for years to come.

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