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lief From Buyer’s Remorse Over Air Quality

Blog | August 2015
Eliminate Smoke Odor, Eliminate Cat Odor, Cat Litter, Odor Removal

Permanently eliminate smoke odor, and eliminate cat odor from cat litter, and breathe healthy clean air again using our Ionic Paint additive, which assists with odor removal.

Relief from Buyer's Remorse Over Air Quality

Buyer’s remorse in real estate is a common concern. People  sometimes fall in love with a property, but when reality sets in after the papers are signed they may notice things  they missed earlier. Most troublesome is when a genuine problem such as air quality issues reveals itself.

While a home is on the market sellers naturally do their best to make properties more attractive. They may install new carpeting, flooring, or make other improvements that can temporarily raise the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the home. They may also leave windows open for ventilation before showings or use air fresheners to mask odors from pets, smoking, or mold and mildew.

After the closing if odors or other air quality issues appear there’s a safe, effective and low cost remedy to buyer’s remorse. A patent-pending paint additive, a proprietary blend of naturally occurring materials also used to remove impurities in drinking water, is available from Air Re-Nu.

Ionic Paint Additive acts by the same organic air ionization process that creates the sense of fresh air along a beach. Painting interior walls using this additive essentially turns walls into air purification systems. The process uses air currents in the home to circulate airborne particles holding odors, mold spores, and animal dander that, when ionized by the paint, drop out of the air. These particles are then removed by normal housecleaning.

The additive remains active for years, helping maintain safe and healthy air quality long after the sale.

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