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Relief From Buyer’s Remorse Over Air Quality

Blog | November 2015
Eliminate Smoke Odor, Eliminate Cat Odor, Cat Litter, Odor Removal

Permanently eliminate smoke odor, and eliminate cat odor from cat litter, and breathe healthy clean air again using our Ionic Paint additive, which assists with odor removal.

Simple, Low Cost Protection of Infant Health

Parents are very careful to create a safe home for their newborns. Advice is sought, magazine articles are devoured... and yet the air in the home is often taken for granted. Two things about indoor air quality and infants would surprise most people.

First, many studies show that indoor air pollutant levels are often 2-5 times – and sometimes more than 100 times – higher than outdoors. Second, infants and very young children are particularly at risk. They breathe in larger volumes of air in proportion to body weight and they spend more time indoors, especially at the floor level where they are exposed to pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in carpeting and other materials. Their internal organs are still developing, so the potential for long-term risks are greater.

Getting a nursery ready ahead of time is actually a health matter. New bedding, furniture made from pressed wood, carpeting... all typically give off VOCs, especially for the first few weeks. Parents should paint early, look for paints and other materials with a low-VOC label, and consider using Ionic Paint Additive from Air Re-Nu. This powder transforms walls into passive air purifiers through a natural process called air ionization. Essentially, molecules laden with pollutants, mold spores, VOCs and odors are carried over the painted surfaces by air currents, where they combine with oppositely charged atoms released from the paint. The larger, heavier molecules then drop out of suspension to be removed by normal cleaning.

As children grow this natural process continues without need for fans or other power for as long as the paint surface is intact, usually 8-10 years. Of course, as nurseries change into bedrooms over the years using the additive in new colors will continue to safeguard everyone’s health!

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