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Eliminate Smoke Odor, Eliminate Cat Odor, Cat Litter, Odor Removal

Blog | October 2015
Eliminate Smoke Odor, Eliminate Cat Odor, Cat Litter, Odor Removal

Permanently eliminate smoke odor, and eliminate cat odor from cat litter, and breathe healthy clean air again using our Ionic Paint additive, which assists with odor removal.

'Tis the Season... to Repaint!

Before they deck the halls with boughs of holly... and even before they dash to the market to get snacks for the Big Game... many people paint the walls with refreshed colors.

If you’re planning to repaint before guests arrive consider using Ionic Paint Additive from Air Re-Nu. Winter is a particularly good time to paint, considering how much time we spend indoors and how much less fresh air we enjoy. The EPA points out many negatives of poor air quality including causing or worsening the effects of asthma, allergies, headaches, sore throats, colds, and even memory loss, dizziness and depression.

Ionic Paint Additive is a natural organic powder that removes toxins and odors from indoor air using the same air ionization process that occurs during thunderstorms. The additive continues to release negative atoms for as long as the new paint surface is intact- usually 8 to 12 years. These negative atoms readily combine with positively charged air molecules carrying dust, odors and other pollutants. The heavier molecules then fall out of suspension and are removed during normal household cleaning.

If preparations for the holidays don’t leave you enough time, consider painting where your guests will spend the most time and finish the job later. Your home will be more welcoming and your newly painted walls will act as permanent air purification systems, much more effective than air fresheners and scented candles that only mask odors, and do nothing to remove harmful pollutants.

So enjoy the scent of good food, pine cones, boughs of holly and candles.... but paint for the health of all... guests, family, and friends!

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