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Ionic Paint Additive

Paint Additive Odor Remover

Transform the walls of your home into a permanent air purification system, for less than 7 cents per square foot. It is as simple as mixing the ionic paint additive with interior house paint and applying the mixture to walls within your home. The additive improves indoor air quality by eliminating smoking odors, airborne pathogens, pet urine odors, and microscopic dust particles. The additive will continue to remain effective for 8 -12 years, with no electricity, filters, or servicing required.

The ionic paint additive is a proprietary blend of 31, natural rare-earth minerals containing piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. 

The phenomenon of piezoelectricity, the release of electric charge under mechanical stress applications that occurs in all non-centrosymmetric materials. Pyroelectricity, the release of an electrical charge due to a material's temperature change.

The additive consists of various minerals, aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, lithium, monazite, and magnetite. In high concentrations, negative ions (anions) purify the air of airborne pathogens, pet urine odors, and cigarette smoke odors. 

The science behind the Air-ReNu, technology is air ionization. The purification process becomes activated by normal air movement (convection current) within a room. As the warmer air passes over the treated wall surface, electrified atoms (anions) are released, which are electrostatically attracted to the positively charged airborne dust particles, which carry the odours and VOC's, once bonded. The offensive bearing molecules (cations) are oxidized and permanently eliminated.


Dust Particles

                          Anion Ionization Process

·     Cat urine consists of urea, creatine, uric acid, detoxified substances, sodium chloride, and electrolytes. When bacteria start to break down the urine components, an ammonia smell kicks in, which is followed by the creation of mercaptans. That is when the stench becomes most pungent.         

·    Breathing in ammonia can trigger health problems in people who are already suffering from respiratory complications such as bronchitis or asthma. Even healthy individuals can experience an allergic reaction if exposed! Side effects include runny noses, red eyes, itchy skin, rashes, and more.              

Members: American Chemical Society, Construction Specification Institute and Federation of Coating Technologies 

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