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Ionic Paint Additive - clean your air

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Remove Smoking and Pet Urine Odors
From Carpeting, Drapes, Walls, and Furniture

Clean, healthy indoor air is critical – especially for those susceptible to respiratory ailments.

Thanks to ionization technology, homeowners can transform the walls inside their homes into a permanent air purification system, eliminating smoking odors, cat urine odors, and airborne viruses.

It is a simple process, mix one packet of the ionic paint additive with one gallon of interior house paint and apply the blended mixture to the walls of your home. One application will remain effective for ten to twelve years and does not require electricity, or filters.

The purification process is activated by the normal air movement (convection air currents) within a room. As the warmer air passes over the treated wall surface, electrified atoms (anions) are released, which are electrostatically attracted to the positively charged airborne dust particles, which carry the odors and VOCs, once the two are bonded. The offensive bearing molecules (cations) are permanently eliminated.

Toxins & Odors Reside on Dust Particles    
Dust Particles

Eliminate Tobacco Smoke


                                                       SMOKING ODORS DECREASES PROPERTY VALUES

According to Realtor.com, smoking in your home can reduce its resale value by up to 29%. The problem is tobacco smoke  by-products which can cling to walls, carpeting, and ceilings and come back whenever there is a temperature or humidity change. 

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