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Eliminate Smoking, Pet Urine Odors and Airborne Pathogens 

Thanks to ionization technology, homeowners can now transform the walls in their homes into a permanent air purification system, eliminating smoking odors, airborne pathogens, mildew, mold, and bacteria. It is a simple process, mix one packet of the ionic paint additive with one gallon of interior house paint and apply the blended mixture to the walls of your home. One treatment will remain effective for ten to twelve years.  In addition, the additive does not require any electricity, filters, or service.

The science behind the Air-ReNu, technology is air ionization. The purification process becomes activated by normal air movement (convection current) within a room. As the warmer air passes over the treated wall surface, electrified atoms (anions) are released, which are electrostatically attracted to the positively charged airborne dust particles, which carry the odors and VOCs, once bonded. The offensive bearing molecules (cations) are oxidized and permanently eliminated.

Water or Oil-Based Paint Additive for Odors

Toxins & Odors Reside on Dust Particles    (View Ionization Video Below)
Dust Particles

The ionic paint additive is a proprietary blend of 31 natural rare-earth minerals containing piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. The phenomenon of piezoelectricity, the release of electric charge under mechanical stress applications, occurs in all non-centrosymmetric materials. Pyroelectricity is the release of an electrical charge due to a material's temperature change.

    Members: American Chemical Society, Construction Specification Institute and Federation of Coating Technologies 

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