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Customers Reviews

Customer Reviews

Hi Burt, I’m writing to thank you for your help in getting terrible smoke odor removed. Three adults had smoked continually for 10 years. All surfaces were covered with yellow brown nicotine film and the whole house reeked of tobacco smoke that was so bad that spending 5 minutes in the house caused or hair and clothes to reek and breathing felt very unhealthy. I followed your directions for solving this problem and it worked spectacularly. I washed every square inch of surface area in the house---walls, ceilings and cabinets. Primed and painted all areas with the additive added to the paint. That was in June and its now Dec. not one whiff of smoke odor remains. Thank you! I wish everyone wit this problem would find your website because your process works.
- Sandy S

I have been reading about your product on and off for the past three years since we bought our house, a 30-year-old fixer upper which had been heavily smoked in. We replaced all flooring and soft furnishing, and it was repainted. And we have gotten steadily sicker. I am going into hospital on Wednesday for a massive sinus infection and my kids have runny noses and ear infections constantly. Anyone who comes to stay for more than a week gets respiratory problems. We are convinced it is from third-hand smoke. Do you ship to Australia?

Thank you, Caroline

I'm so happy with this product. This is my second order. I know that the cost to ship to Canada is not included in the price. Please send me an invoice for the cost and I will pay.Thanks,

 Terri Halifax, NS 

Vincent, the walls we want to use your products for are kid's bedrooms, no mold, just cat urine odors. Contractors have replaced most sub flooring, drywall and installation 4 feet down. The owners before had carpeting and when we removed the padding they were drenched, and the odor started. When we pulled up laminate downstairs. It had black mold in padding and cement. We hired mold contractor to remove everything and run scrubbers for two weeks. With two house payment’s four kids which are allergic to cats we are overwhelmed. My dad is a professional painter, so he and my husband are doing the painting.

Our order was delivered and installed. Thank you for all the help, the additive has provided relief from the problems we were facing.
-Shields, FL
 Yes, I received the order and was able to take it with me and give to our painter. Thank you again for rushing it!!! Also our painter is using shellac for the primer as you recommended. He felt is was a great idea as well. Have a great week!  

Bert, We received it this morning. Thank you for all of your help! I really appreciate you being so kind and helpful yesterday!

I rented a garage storage unit located below a tavern. It reeked of cigarette smoke. I was planning to store family collectibles which I did not want to ruin with the smoke smell. I used the Air-ReNu paint additive in 2 gallons of water based sealer for the walls and painted the floor. I am using a dehumidifier because I'm in humid Daytona Florida but no type of air filter... The smoke smell is completely GONE! This stuff really works!
Jim S. FL

We've recommended the additive to our stores and several friends, both the paint and the ionizer. No doubt in our minds yours is a great and superior product. Please encourage your team to contact the paint company and convene to see what's up. the two best non-toxic items should get together to be available to us all. We believe in the goodness and value of your product. Thanks also for your commitment to customer service above the bar, it is what I strive for in my consultation work, as well. Liz, CA   

Hi Bert, I hope you are well. I suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder. I am about to purchase an apartment that has heavy perfume scent from the floor polish used on the wood floor. I immediately got a dizzying headache upon entering and had to leave quickly. The scent literally permeated into the property brochures, which I had to throw out as soon as I got home. Bert, the additive works great! When I use the remaining paint, is there a special way to stir it? I have about half a gallon left. Thanks!  
-Bakshi ,Canada

Happy to share my happiness — with the Ionic paint additive. I live in a 100+-year-old rural house where the bathroom was tacked onto the kitchen, Not pleasant in many respects.  My place is a magnet for "drop-offs,"  cats nobody wants.  At present, there are seven cats inside – at times more – while the number of outdoor cats is ever-changing.  I use three plastic totes for litter boxes – each double the size of a regular litter box.   And so, every once in a while, the "aroma" drifts into the kitchen and living room. I'm 77 years old and slowing down, so the painting is going slowly.  First, I did the "litter box wall" in the bathroom and was amazed at the immediate results.  With all bathroom walls done, there is no more odor, and the kitchen is once again a place where my guests and I can have coffee at the table.   Thank you for allowing me to share my fabulous experience.     Sincerely,    Phyllis

I received the shipment today thought I’d let you know.  Thanks for the speedy response.  Have a great day
-Doug J

Hi Bert! I purchased the additive from you two years ago and just had to let you know how amazed I am! The shellac primer was hard to do by myself since I did not use a respirator, but I got through it. My neighbor downstairs is still a nasty smoker, now I never smell it in my place! You saved me a miserable existence living over a heavy smoker. I cannot stress how importent the proper mixing of the additive with the paint is.

 Thank you for all your time and help on this matter. The Owner and I truly appreciate this! Works great, Take care & have a great day,
-Sheila, FL

Thanks so much for your help. I feel so blessed to have found this product.  I am so thankful for your encouragement about not having to paint the ceilings.
That will save us a lot of work.  Have a blessed day as well.
-Luella K 

Hi Bert.  I LOVE it!  It took the 5 year's, worth of poo, pee and spraying smell away in the apartment (1200 sq feet) and you can't even tell an animal has been there.  I highly recommend this product to anyone having trouble with animal smells they can't get rid of.  Hardwood floors have been installed and the apartment is almost ready for new renters.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful product.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to use me as a reference.  I am sure the contractor and his helpers will be using this product if they ever run into this problem in another home.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! 
-N. Page

Here is my review:  I am purchasing a third order because this product works. I originally painted two bathrooms with air ReNu and now will be painting the whole house with it. The house was smoked in for 30+ years and the odors in the bathroom are gone! Now the rest of the house will smell clean! 
-Cory S. Ca.

Fantastic information. I can't wait to get started. I'm already recommending your product to friends and family. Thank you for your reply and excellent customer service. It's greatly appreciated.
-C.F. VA

I now have two main walls done, I'm not waking up to kittie pee odor when I walk out to my livingroom. Life is getting better all the time. Thanks,

I can’t recommend ionic-paint’s additive enough. My laundry room had a leak and it looked like there might have been mold under my washing machine. I hired a company to remediate it. They replaced the tiles and then treated the walls with an anti-mold agent. The smell was so strong it actually made me sick. Despite all efforts to get rid of it, it wouldn’t go away. I thought I would never be able to go into my laundry room again. Desperate, I did some research on the internet and found Air-ReNu's ionic-paint additive. It was a long shot, but I figured I had nothing to lose. It worked! No more fumes. I’m eternally grateful.
-Allis in Maryland

I am in the process of trying to de-odorize and sell my home, after my wife acquired nine cats and two pet rats, and allowed them to urinate and defecate on our floors for the past couple years! All of her stuff is out, and we are selling our home. However, I feel like the smell has "basked" into the paint on the walls. I have decided to re-paint my ENTIRE house (probably about 15 gallons). Bert, we completed our first phase using the ionic additive, results spectacular. We will be placing another order shortly. Thanks for all the help. 

Thanks for your message and the information below.  Just to clarify, we’re not smokers and we don’t have pets so neither smoke or pet urine are issues for us. We’re looking to purchase the product for its air ionizing properties.

Hi Bert, Yay, thank you so much for providing such fast delivery :). I appreciate it so much. I also appreciate all the great information you shared in this email.  I can start my painting now with confidence, knowing I will get the best results possible. I'm trying to do all I can to save money by doing this work myself, but I also want to do it "right". I am so glad I purchased the extra product and connected with you. The detailed information you provided gave me the reassurance I needed :).

Bert, we sealed the walls last week and began painting with the ionic minerals today. The friend who is helping me said she could tell a difference when she walked in today. We didn't quite use a gallon. Do I take that bit back to the store to be shaken?  It will still be good, won't it?  When I walked in upstairs tonight, I was greeted by the wonderful smell in the basement below.  Many thanks for your time.

Charleston, SC Subject: cigarette smoke odor in house Message: someone had smoked heavily in the house before purchase and I could not clean off the smoke odor that is giving me chest pains and swollen throat glands as I inhaled cigarette smoke. It is making me so sick in spite of efforts to wash walls and the whole nine yards. Glad I searched the internet and found you, I'm now able to enjoy my new house. Thanks for the help and a great product.
- VH

Bert, Thanks for sending the additive….we have primed and sealed, re-textured and painted with the additive, we are clear of odors. Thanks again,
-M. Tothe 

Thanks so much for all your time and wonderful information today! It was a such a pleasure to learn so many practical tips and methods! 
-Lana O, Jefferson City MO 

The tiles are not asbestos.  Today I painted the ceiling and paneling with your product and almost all the smell was gone by the time I finished.. it really works.  Do you have any suggestions for ridding a concrete garage floor of cat urine smell ?/ I'd love your input.  Everything going well with our project.. Thanks again for all your help. -Marilyn 

Bert-   I would like to thank you for your input.  You probably saved us thousands as I cannot say I would have discovered your methods on my first shot.  
-Greg, Hartford Tech Rentals

So, the process is continuing to work as time goes on. It is cat urine odor.  I had the one-bedroom condo completely emptied and totally cleaned. Thanks for your product, it was what really needed!!!   Jim H

Hi, we are looking at buying our first home.  We, of course, fell in love with a house that has had a smoker living in it for forever.  We have five kids at home and just can't come to terms with moving them into a house that has 3rd hand smoke in it.  We knew that we could cover it up but the toxins would still be in there.  We like this house but can't live with our kids possible getting ill because of the toxins from nicotine.  Using an ozone machine isn't an option. Pat

Today, I felt hope for the first time when I can across your product.  I do have a few questions for you that I couldn't see answers for on your website.  Does using the Ionic paint additive filter the toxins that come through the drywall?  I read many times over that it does remove the smell, which is great, but it boils down to what is lurking beneath.  Will it keep us from inhaling the toxins that are in the insulation and drywall?  Thank you for your time and help, 
-GeoLin McNeal

Dear Bert....thank you for your informative email. I look forward to the shipment arriving today.  I am in the process of reclaiming my adult daughter's room since she moved out recently.  She had been a heavy smoker for years before she successfully gave it up in favor of vaping.   We're animal lovers and she had rescued several feral kittens and had several dogs over the past few years Now I realize that I have become somewhat nose blind to the entire house.  Little by little I will be cleaning and painting all the interior walls of the house as well as replacing all the wall to wall carpeting.  I plan on priming with a water-based primer giving the wall two coats of paint and the second one will be the one I add the additive.  This project may take some time as I am in my early 70's and know my limitations.  I wanted to do this the right way and not just cover up the smells.  I was very happy to find you online since your product seemed to be the answer Thank you and have a beautiful day.........

I have lived in my condo for 27 years. A renter moved in next door. He smokes, cigarettes, and vapes.  Frequently from 10pm to 7am.  A collection of reliable research shows that smoke can pass from one unit to another through walls, electric outlets, pipes, elevator shafts, etc. I don’t like the odors, but I’m concerned about more than odors. The 4000 chemicals in second hand smoke and the residue that continues to off-gas concerns me. I’m placing my order and cannot wait for the painters to apply the treatment. Bert, I thought you said that the additive works right away, it took several days to eliminate all the smoking odors, but finely it’s done. Thanks for all the help,

Bert, We finished painting the curry smelly townhouse, and the smell is totally gone... I am amazed, and did not believe it would work this well, and leave no trace what so ever. I will be using your product on all future repaints, and expect to be reordering soon Thanks, Brian
-Sable Sable Property Management

 R. King, CA Recently placed order Message: Hi! I just placed an order today for more ion paint additive, as we didn’t seem to have enough for full coverage, since we needed to buy more paint. What we discovered, is that the additive makes the room smell great.

Hey there Bert. It's been awhile since I ordered the air renu for my rent house from you. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it was. If you need a testimonial from me for your website please let me know and I will be more than happy to write one. Just tell me how to do it. The idiot tenant was using my master bedroom as a mechanics shop to rebuild a motorcycle engine. The room smelled just like a Jiffy Lube or any mechanics shop. Not any more. I have told some people at Home Depot about it. They would be smart to carry it in their stores. Just wanted you to know how pleased I was and am with your product. 
-Irene Davis

Yes I have read similar articles and agree with the contents.  That is why the babys room was one of the rooms painted with your product!
By the way there has been a remarkable reduction of the smell in the den area which was going through the return vents.  The work was done only 48 hours ago and yet the smell continues to decrease.  It definitely is the carpet off gassing after the steam cleaning that is responsible for the odor! The nicotine stench in the garage was combining with the carpet off gassing for a truly toxic odor!
-Zachary CT

Message: Hello, and thank you for your help this morning. I believe that your product will be a God-send for me and our home! Thank you so much for a product that will finally take care of the problem that I've had for a long time. Would you have a few Ionic Paint cards that I might give to a few painting contractors that I know. I know they will want to buy from you.

Bert.....my imagination????.....placebo effect??? ...have only used air renu in hallway...one bedroom....two walls in liv rm......today I do not detect any cig smell in air of condo...could it work so fast?....will keep in touch......thanks....

I asked my painter to paint my pantry first so I could start emptying my kitchen products, spices and food products...I must say, the first day I was not impressed...every time I opened the pantry door the spice smell was very strong, nice but strong..it's been almost a week now and for the past few days you can hardly smell any trace of spices...Happy ... Very happy Thanks again.
-Paula, Florida

I acquired a home from an Uncle’s passing.  He over his life time had kept close to about 10 cats in his home and I’m not sure how many in his garage.  I was dreading the inevitable of having the expense of removing drywall from his house due to the horrible cat smell in his home. I discovered AirRenu after doing a lot of investigating and I thought I’d blow a $1000 first on this paint additive before I’d spend thousands on drywall repair work. Much to my surprise following Berts expert advise, the house was removed of any cat smells. The realtor couldn’t believe her nose either. No smell left. She couldn’t even stand inside the house with out the smell of cats burning her eyes. I’m a believer and so is she now. Now I’m going to attempt to paint the garage to rid it of the bad cat smells. This looks like a tougher job as I’m not sure how many cats were kept in the garage during the winter. He was known as the cat man. So I’ll be bringing you up to speed on it, when the job is completed. thank you so much Bert for such a fantastic product, you made a believer out of me!!!
-Kathy Foster

Hi Bert,  Thanks for the nice product. We are so happy with the paint additive, it really eliminated the odors.. The house is much better from the paint fumes of previous tenant since we used 3 packs in three of the gallons of paint we used two upstairs and one in the kitchen. The living room had oil based primer which seems to have helped with the fumes anyway, but maybe not with creating healthy air! 
-Mimi C,  Camphill Village

Subject: Referred by Customer, Daniel H, OK  Message: I have 6 dogs and was referred to this as I work at Lowe’s and a customer came in and asked us to add this in and shake the paint. She said that it worked on a rental house that had very strong cat urine smell so much she could not stay in house and now it is gone. I am ordering 2 Bags to try in my house to help with dog smell.
Most pleased with the results of your product. My mother who is eighty one sleeps better and all dog odors are gone.
-Kim Beckner NE

I just wanted to tell you thank you for such an amazing product. I painted the two worst areas of the house with air renu mixed in the paint and it has made such a difference in the smell of the house. I can actually walk in and not become nauseous! Although there is still a smell, i believe that is coming from the sub-floor and once I tear out the flooring and seal and cover the existing floor with plywood, as well as finish painting the rest of the house, the smell will be eradicated. I will definitely be ordering more.
-Kathryn N., Lawton, OK

I purchased a house about five weeks ago. The house had been empty for some time and incurred some water damage and whatnot; it had a very potent musty odor. I expected when it was re-roofed, aired out, painted and the carpet removed, it would go away? I was beginning to worry, though, because it didn't seem to be dissipating. I thought, "Oh, no, here I am the owner of a house I can't stand to be in for five minutes because of the smell!"
-Sandy, Spring Hill, FL

Thanks again.  I'm still in awe! You can be sure I will tell everyone I know why my house doesn't smell like a litter box any more! 
-Jean Nixon, Sugarland, TX

Happy to share my happiness --- with Ionic Paint Additive. I live in a 100+ year old rural house where the bathroom was tacked onto the kitchen. Not pleasant in many respects. My place is a magnet for "drop-offs," cats nobody wants. Some come in; some stay out, but all are fixed and have shots. At present, there are 7 cats inside - at times more - while the number of outdoor cats is ever-changing. I use three plastic totes for litter boxes - each double the size of a regular litter box - 1 in the bathroom and 2 in the spare bedroom. That's where they have to be placed - no other options. And so, every once in a while, the "aroma" drifts into the kitchen and living room.
I'm 77 years old and slowing down, so the painting is going slowly. First, I did the "litter box wall" in the bathroom, and was amazed at the immediate results. Only problem was right after a kitty eliminated, and that only for a few minutes. Now, with all bathroom walls done, there is no odor, and the kitchen is once again a place where my guests and I can have coffee at the table -pleasantly.
The creator of Ionic Paint Additive deserves a medal, or a peace prize! Thank you for allowing me to share my fabulous experience.

We repainted the living room and bedrooms and added your product. Glad to say the smell from the litter box is gone. It works great.
-Matt, Charlotte, NC, US

I just moved and the previous tenant had several cats and also smoked the; odors were throughout the house. The landlord compensated me for repainting all the interior walls, I added the Air-ReNu paint additive that a friend recommended and thankfully, the house stays smelling fresh no more odors
-Ron Miller Tampa, FL, US

Our family was recently blessed by a new addition to our family. Prior to Brody's arrival, we repainted his room and added Air-ReNu to the paint. We have no odors in the room from the diaper pail and his freedom of expression(poop). Great product, thanks.
-Marica Peters, Kent, WA, US

I completed painting my walls about a month ago. Happy to say the smoking odors are finally gone. Thanks for a great product.
-S. Nix  TX, US

My husband smokes, although he smokes on the porch, the smell of smoking in the closet was terrible. We heard about your product from a painting contractor. We tried it and the closet now smells clean, no odor. Now, for the living room, how much do I need?
-Jane Atlanta, GA, US

I never heard of a permanent solution for odors. Your web site makes some really strong claims. Before purchasing, I researched the information on your MSDS and found some interesting uses for the technology. Sanitary napkins are one of the uses and are available in China and the US; another use water purification. It appears that your company just found another way to deliver the anions. Any how I bought it, and it works thanks for the interesting technology.
-Rick Kansas City, KS, US

1-7-2013 Jim Gear, Boise, Idaho, US
Being a painting contractor, we run into a lot of resale and rental homes with pet, and smoking odors. Painting the inside walls will not remove the odors as they are impregnated in the walls and carpets, making the home harder to sell or rent, looks good smells badly. We now use airrenu on all our new paint jobs.  2-20-2013 Ronald Smith, Daytona Beach, FL US

Placing another order, painted the living room about a year ago, still working. Getting ready to paint master bedroom and bath.
Patsy Bouchard, oks, MI.

4-11-2013 Sam Fisher Tulsa, OK, US
Thanks for the information, I have placed another order, baby on the way, and we want to paint the nursery. We have terminated the cat odor with the last paint job. Sam

Ralph Parker Long Island, NY, US
Thanks for the follow up. We completed painting the living room and bathrooms about six months ago. We have not had any odor problems, seems to resolve the pet odor problem and the musty smell.

5-17-2013 Paramjit Singh chandigarh, punjab, IN
Hi I am quite impressed with your product s ability to fight bad odour. Is this available outside your country. If not how can we get it here or any possibility of taking franchisee here in india. If any please let me know Thanks

5-29-2013 Debbie NJ, US

I purchased air renu to remove the cat urine smell out of the attic. I wasn't sure if it would work but after reading the reviews decided to give it a try. It worked just as it claims, no odor just a clean fresh smell now. Thank you!!

6-15-2013 Fred, La Grange , IL, US
Your suggestion on the A/C ducts, was a good idea, as I had some paint left over, I would have never thought of that. No more smoking odors.

6-23-2013 Charlie, Jupiter, FL, US
Our kids have allergy problems; we have both a ozone machine and some in room air filters. We have visited your web site a couple of times and finally thought that we would try it as we're getting ready to repaint the interior walls anyway. I must say we are impressed; our kids are breathing easier, no machine noise. If this keeps up for even five years, it would be the best investment we have ever made.

7-5-2013 Keith, Daytona Beach, FL, US
Great Service Thanks

James, ND, US

I finally made up my mind to repaint my living room and bedrooms and use your product. We enjoy a good smoke now and then, but the smell lingers a long time and smoking outside is not really a good idea. After completing the painting project, we were more than pleased although it took some time for the smell in the ducts to clean out, were really happy that your product works as well as it does.

8-11-2013 Joseph Levy,NE, US

We repainted our waiting room and added your product AirReNu. We eliminated that medical smell. Now I'm ready to tackle my home.

8-30-2013 Sally Young, Omaha, NE, US

I was having difficulty selling a home. The owners were smokers and although the smell did not bother them, it effected potential buyers. Finally convinced them to repaint the walls and use air-renu. The smell was gone, and the house sold.

9-9-2013 Art Fuller, Orlando, FL, US

We used you air-renu, product on one of our rental properties we were very pleased with the results. It's a great way to eliminate odor problems, including smoking odors. Art

9-24-2013 Carol DeLoach, fortlauderdalegreencleaning.com Ft Lauderle, FL, US

Hello, I would like more information on your product. Thanks, Carol

9-30-2013 Robert Fish, East LA, CA,

Your product Air-ReNu resolved or pet odor problems. We tried every thing before air-renu, really happy with the results.

11-15-2013 Kent Miller, Tampa, FL, US

I found your product to really be effective in removing smoking odors. It solved a family problem, Thanks. Kent

12-15-2013 Doug Moore, Salt Lake, UT, US

Your product air-renu, worked in getting rid of the cat urine odors, as advertzed. Great product. DM

1-18-2013 Paul Boyd, Tucker, GA, US

We just moved and are repainting the interior. We have used your product in our last home with great results. We are going to need ten packets, is there a discount available for returning customers? Thanks Paul

1-26-2013 Tim Riggs, Bell, CA, US

Boy I hate painting; my wife said to get rid of the smoking odors or her. Painting was cheaper. I, still have my wife and no odors. Tim

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