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Iconic-Paint Additive

Ionic Bonding

Ionic Additive Technology

The Ionic Paint Additive was introduced into the marketplace in 2008 after completing four years of extensive independent field-testing. 

The ionic additive is the only permanent air purification system that continuously maintains healthy, clean air in your home's environment, without the use of electricity, filters or servicing. 

Air Ionization/ Ionic Bonding

The air we breathe contains ions, which are electrically energized atoms; positive ions are named (cations) negatively charged ions are called (anions). Cations absorb and circulate any offensive odors and toxins that might be present within in your home or office.

Surfaces treated with the Ionic Paint Additive technology deliver a continuous flow of healthy anions, which are electrostatically attracted to and bond with the cations. This process is known as air ionization or ionic bonding. The offensive odor bearing molecules (cations) are oxidized and permanently eliminated.

Independent studies have confirmed that the inclusion of this innovative technology is effective in reducing and diminishing various pathogens, including MRSA bacteria (Staphylococcus Aureus) and Black Mold (Aspergillus Niger).


                       Compare Air-Purifiers

Filters- Some air purifiers clean the air by having it pass through a filter to remove particles.

These are sometimes called air cleaners. In households, these filters are usually part of the heating or cooling system AND are only effective when A/C system is running.

 Ionizing Purifiers- These air purifiers use a method called corona discharge to create charged molecules called ions. 

The corona discharge is a small but intense electrical field. Molecules passing through it will pick up an additional electron, giving the molecule a negative charge. Once a particle is charged, it will be attracted to anything with the opposite charge.

 Ozone Generators- An ozone generator works much like an ionizing purifier, but it is designed to alter molecules of oxygen and turn them into ozone, a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. While most of this oxygen recombines into dioxygen, some atoms create ozone. Home should be vacated, during treatment.

Adsorbents- Many purifiers incorporate an adsorbent material to soak up odors, fumes, and chemicals in the air.

Adsorption (not absorption) is the process of one substance being trapped on the surface of another substance. The most common adsorbent is activated charcoal, which is extremely porous.  Larger particles are simply stuck in the many pores in the charcoal. Electrostatic attraction draws some substances into the pores. Certain substances react chemically with the charcoal and bond to it. The high surface area of the charcoal gives it significant bonding places. The process used to make the charcoal can affect which compounds it is better at absorbing.

UV Light- Ultraviolet radiation renders certain micro-organisms sterile (and harmless).

Some air purifiers feature a UV light that bathes the air as it passes through, eliminating the potential harm of airborne bacteria and viruses. 

The following links will provide you with additional information on indoor air purification products and methods to keep your home healthy.   





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