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Below you will find the annual operating cost of six of the best Air Purifiers on the market.

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Ionic Bonding

            Air Ionization 

The air we breathe contains ions, which are electrically energized atoms; positive ions are named (cations) negatively charged ions are called (anions). Positive Ions are called (Cations), Cations absorb and circulate any offensive odors and toxins that might be present within your home or office environment.

Surfaces treated with the Ionic Paint Additive technology deliver a continuous flow of healthy anions, which are electrostatically attracted to and bond with the cations. This process is known as air ionization or ionic bonding. The offensive odor bearing molecules (cations) are oxidized and permanently eliminated.

Independent studies have confirmed that the inclusion of this innovative technology is effective in reducing and diminishing various pathogens, including MRSA bacteria (Staphylococcus Aureus) and Black Mold (Aspergillus Niger).

With the Ionic Additive, Your initial cost is your only cost. The Ionic Additive optimizes indoor air quality 24/7/365, no electricity, filters or servicing required, and will provide healthy clean air for you and your family for 8-12  years.